1. Bottle Gourd Paratha or Dhebra or Thepala (Flat Bread)
Ingredients Amount
Bottle gourd ¼ th small (125 g)
Wheat flour ½ katori (45 g) z
Jawar flour ½ katori (45 g)
Green chilies, very finely chopped 1-2 (Optional)
Ginger, peeled and finely grated ½ inch piece
Coriander leaves, cleaned and chopped 1 small bunch
Turmeric powder A pinch
Oil for pan frying 2 tsp (10 ml)
Salt As per doctors recommendation.
Making dough
  Peel and grate Bottle gourd. Squeeze out water by pressing lightly between both palms.
  Mix all ingredients except oil in a bowl and make firm dough. If necessary, add water.
  Knead well and keep aside for 10 minutes.
Rolling out parathas
  Divide dough into 4 equal portions balls.
  Keep them covered with a moist cloth.
  Roll out the one paratha at a time using a little dry flour. Roll it to thick parathas.
  Heat a griddle (Tava).
  Put the paratha on the hot griddle. Turn it over when it changes colour to semi translucent and you can see a few blisters on the under-surface.
  Cook the other side same way and turn over again.
  Brush a little oil on both surfaces, one by one.
  Press it gently all over, using a flat spatula, coaxing it to fluff up into a ball. If you see any steam escaping, seal it by pressing it with the spatula. This helps the fluffing up of the paratha. If it doesn't, do not worry; just make sure that it is cooked well.
  Cook until crisp and nicely browned on both sides.
  Serve hot.
Variation -You can make use of cabbage or pumpkin or cauliflower in place of bottle gourd or permitted vegetables to prepare respective paratha.
Serving - 6 Parathas
Nutritive Value
Serving Energy
1 paratha 76.15 1.7 11.04 2.7 2.3 44.6 45.27 0.7 8.1
  Suitable for renal failure patients with controlled serum K (Potassium) levels.
  Suitable for patients with Diabetes.