Cooking Tips
  • Healthy eating for a person with diabetes is no different than healthy eating for a person without diabetes.it's just a matter of eating a wide variety of foods and a balanced amount of carbohydrates,proteins,and fat.
  • Artificial sweeteners let you enjoy the sweet taste of sugar without its calories and without raising your blood glucose leveles.one packet gives the same sweetness as two teaspoons of table sugar.artifical sweerners are okay for everyone, young or old,exc.
  • To reduce the fat in meat,broil,roast,grill,steam or poach instead of frying..
  • Chill meat broth and dripping so that fat rises and solidifies.then it can be skimmed off the top before serving or making gravy.
  • Try guick-cooking methods such as stir-frying meat that you have marinated using tiny amounts of oil or dressing with lots of seasoning to enhance juiciness and flavour.