Dietary advises (or tips) for transplanted patients
Many patients assume they will be able to eat anything they wish after they have a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, this is not true. Depending on your other health conditions, your transplant diet may reflect the same restrictions you had before receiving the new kidney. Diet for transplant patients is less limited than it is for dialysis patients, although you may still have to cut back on some foods.

Your doctor and renal dietitian will recommend a nutritious diet with the right balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats in order to keep your transplanted kidney healthy and reduce the chances of infection and organ rejection. You may still be on a low sodium diet. Foods that contain higher amounts of sodium, phosphorus and potassium may be re-introduced to your eating program depending on any other health conditions you have. You no longer need a fluid restriction. Your dietitian will recommend a plan to introduce more fluid into your diet.

If I follow the transplant diet will my new kidney keep working?

If you follow the transplant diet, the chances of infection and rejection are reduced. Keeping your new kidney working depends on a variety of factors, of which food and nutrition are just a small part. You will need to take your prescribed medication and follow your doctor's advice regarding alcohol, smoking and exercise.