Conservative Therapy

Unfortunately, CKD often cannot be cured. But people in the early stages of CKD may be able to make their kidneys last longer by taking certain steps.

1. Modify diet

Low Protein Diet:
Nitrogen in amino acids (proteins) is a cause of progression of CKD, hence less nitrogen (proteins) in diet is recommended. However, an uncontrolled protein restriction can lead to malnutrition which worsens patient's general condition and can even threaten survival, so it is advisable to take amino acid/ proteins without nitrogen.
The use of ketoanalogues according to the prescription of your doctor will allow an appropriate intake of amino acids without a corresponding “nitrogen load”

Ketoanalogues are the nitrogen-free analogues of essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of all proteins. Treatment with Ketoanalogues together with protein-restricted diets is referred as Keto Acid Therapy.

How Ketoanalogue act inside the body?
Ketoanalogues capture the nitrogen within the body and convert themselves into amino acids. Malnutrition is thus prevented and the workload of the kidney to excrete nitrogen-containing waste products is reduced. Thus the progress of CKD slows down and dialysis can be postponed.

2. People who have diabetes should watch their blood glucose levels closely to keep them under control.

3. People with reduced renal function should avoid pain pills that may make their kidney disease worse. They should check with their health care provider before taking any medicine.

Controlling Blood Pressure: To keep their blood pressure below 130/80, .many people will require two or more types of medication