Kidney Transplantation

kidney_transplantationA donated kidney may come from an anonymous donor who has recently died (Cadaver Donor) or from a living person, usually a relative. The kidney that you receive must be a good match for your body. The more the  kidney is like you? the less likely your immune system is to reject it. The transplant operation takes about 3-4 hours & patient needs to be hospitalized for a minimum of 7-8 days. Your immune system protects you from disease by attacking anything that is not recognized as a normal part of your body. So your immune system will attack a kidney that appears too "foreign".

You will take special drugs to help trick your immune system so it does not reject the transplanted kidney. Transplantation is the preferred option because it gives the patient a normal life with less restriction.

Problems with Transplant:

Getting a donor: proper matching
Immunosuppressant: patient needs to be on medication that suppresses his immunity.
Rejection of graft: can happen anytime after transplant
Increased chances of Infections because of immune suppression.
Very expensive treatment
Needs high standard hospital care