Should I be on a low protein diet?

Protein helps your body to form muscle and tissue. But when your kidneys are not working well, the byproducts of protein breakdown can accumulate in your blood. This can make your kidneys work harder.

Some studies of low protein diets show that they can slow the progression of kidney failure. But other studies show that the diets do not help. Due to these mixed results and the need to maintain good nutrition; doctors differ about the need to limit protein for people with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The answer is often moderation.

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Kidney Transplantation

A donated kidney may come from an anonymous donor who has recently died (Cadaver Donor) or from a living person, usually a relative. The kidney that you receive must be a good match for your body. The more the new kidney is like you; the less likely your immune system is to reject it. The transplant operation takes about 3-4 hours & patient needs to be hospitalized for a minimum of 7-8 days. Your immune system protects you from disease by attacking anything that is not recognized as a normal part of your body. So your immune system will attack a kidney that appears too “foreign.”                            

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